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i’m afraid to say that i’m done with wordpress. i’ve moved on to tumblr. i’m keeping this for reference.

it’s been fun. goodbye wordpress.

follow me!

sweet home, chicago.

hello, wordpress! it’s been far too long. a lot has happened, i’ve been super busy! i’ve even skipped over TWO of those little quiz things that i loved so i’ve transformed them into one!

i’m currently in the city with my mom for a little weekend trip (in the middle of the week). we got here wednesday around 1 and ate lunch at foodlife and then walked down to south michigan avenue so that i could get my columbia college ID (look!)

on the phone with paul but LOOK I'M AN OFFICIAL COLUMBIA STUDENT NOW!

and i talked to an academic adviser about what classes to take because i missed most of orientation and we just walked around the city. then we went out to dinner at devon, this little seafood place on chicago ave. it was really good. and then we went back to the hotel (the raffaello, which is BEAUTIFUL) and watched the movie “babies” which was the CUTEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN. and then literally right after, i fell asleep. this morning we got ready and went shoppingggg. i got a jean shirt from lucky (for only $9.97!) and some perfume from gap body and then a neon yellow tank top, a grey sweatshirt dress with black sheer sleeves and half of a sheer back (sounds horrible but it’s really cute) and then a pleather high-waisted skirt and a pink t-shirt. and that’s it! i did pretty well. i’m satisfied with my purchases. OH! and i got this really cute holey black stretchy tank top to put over the neon yellow one that i plan to wear with another black high-waisted forever 21 skirt that i got a couple weeks ago. i think i have a shopping addiction. then again, i’m just a 19-year-old girl. whatever i’m not worried.

well since i last blogged, i went to lollapalooza, florida, started packing and stopped my job! (which is why i haven’t been blogging as much). it’s been hectic! i don’t know if i talked about my trip to ikea with paul, but i got really cute (kiddie) cups and plates and then an adorable heart rug. paul protested all of my purchases but it’s my dorm not his! hahahaha. anywayyy. florida was good, relaxing. we went to disney, which was fun. we went to the magic kingdom and then typhoon lagoon in the same day (it was a long day). and then i shopped at saint armand’s and got a pair of sandals and rayban wayfarers with the new york city subway map i think on the inside. whatever, it’s cool. but nothing else has really happened. i only went to one day of lolla because i got blown off the other two… whatever it’s not a big deal. but ANYWAY here’s my hybrid survey thing! the survey/everything after won’t come out of italics. sorryyyy.

1. Mood: good! i’m having a wonderful week and the week ahead is going to be wonderful as well. i’m excited.
2. Have you ever fallen from a ladder? no. there have been a couple close calls, but i’ve never actually fallen off.
3. Have you ever had stage fright? not really, no. i get scared before i get on stage but then when i get up there, it’s like a rush of adrenaline. i love it. especially my fashion show. it was the most amazing feeling ever. it’s addictive.
4. Breakfast? one scrambled eggs, wheat toast with grape jam, cranberry juice.
5. Today I would love… some new makeup. i’m really feeling mac, that’s gonna be my next big thing. when school starts.
6. How did you sleep last night? VERY good. this bed is so comfy. and i was exhausted.
7. Feather boas — yay or nay? i’m gonna have to say nay unless it’s halloween or you’re in a play. otherwise you just look crazy.
8. Guys who wear tinted moisturizer — hot or not? not! ew! i don’t like that! a guy should wear deodorant, aftershave and cologne. NO MAKEUP! that’s gross.
9. Outfit?
i’m in bed so boyshorts that look like jean shorts (!), a hanes degotee and paul’s puma hoodie because the AC is making me shiver!
10. Do you ever fall asleep on public transportation? ew noooo. public transportation makes me anxious so i’m like, hyper-aware of my surroundings.
11. If you could wave a magic wand and instantly change one thing about your hair this morning, what would it be? that it was still perfect and wavy, like it was yesterday.
12. Fragrance? right now i’m wearing both coach poppy and stay by gap. i sprayed myself with poppy and then before we went out to dinner when i changed i sprayed my stay on.
13.One of your favorite childhood toys? barbies, barbie jeep, polly pockets, tomigachi, anything girly and cute and pink.
14. Last thing that made you really, REALLY happy? i’m gonna be super cliche and say spending tuesday night at the cubs’ game with my boyfriend. we had a really nice night together.
15. Do you wear a watch? yes! i wear my toywatch!
16. I’m loving… the city [chicago]. i can’t wait to live here. i fully believe that this is where i belong.
17. Weekly Goals: buy more dorm stuff! see paul, maybe go to lake geneva with him. finish cleaning out my closet. start packing!

ha! i love those little things. i’m exhausted. my new thing (because i literally have no more space in my closet) is going to be mac makeup. i’m going to learn how to do it and i’m going to wear it. i’m excited. really excited. nothing dramatic because i don’t look good wearing a lot of makeup. i hate it.

but anyway. i’m off to bed. i’m gonna be super busy for the next like ever so i’ll write when i can!

goodnight, bitches!
<3 a.

warped, dorm shopping, dinner for schmucks…

hi. it’s monday. this weekend was hectic, but lovely. i’m in a fantastic mood. i’m super relaxed and ready to take on this week. it’s going to be over before i know it which means LOLLAPALOOZA!!!

so. friday i went to superdawg and shopping with my little cousin maddy. i got my fall purse (!!!) from juicy and it’s gorgeous. it’s black leather and it’s a hobo with two big black leather bows on either side. it’s so cute. i’m obsessed with it. i decided i’m not going to start using it until the end of august, though, when it actually feels like fall. i also got a couple little hair things from forever 21. nothing exciting. except a big flower that i think i’m going to wear to a wedding later this month that i’m going to with paul. i’m wearing the CUTEST blue BCBG rouched bow dress to it. i’m really excited. i have to get the straps taken in, though (note to self).
saturday was warped tour. yikes. okay so i woke up at 7, ran around and got shit together all morning and then woke up tyler and his friend dale around 8, went to mcdonald’s to get breakfast with care and bring some home for the boys & daddy. i got home, they ate, i did some more running around and then we went to go pick up alexa, which went off without a hitch, thank god. then the real fun started. we had to go pick up dale’s girlfriend who lives in skokie. dale gave me her address to punch into my GPS on my tele and apparently she lives on laurel avenue. you’d spell it LAUREL right? okay. so i typed it in and it said it was going to take us 45 minutes to get there. greeeat. so my GPS takes us to a laurel avenue in wilmette. never once did dale say, “this isn’t right.” so we’re in wilmette sitting in the northwestern football stadium parking lot trying to figure out what the fuck went wrong. so i give dale my phone and he says, “you spelled lorel wrong.” fml. so then we type in the right address and it says 17 minutes. okay fair enough. so we’re driving and i had to pee SO BAD. we went to TWO DIFFERENT 7-11’s which APPARENTLY don’t have public bathrooms. fml. so then we get to this LOREL street and we can’t find her house. dale says that we should have turned on church and that we have to go back to the 7-11 where i tried to pee. great. so we backtrack and finally find the house. and then i was seriously about to cry because i thought my bladder was going to contract cancer and explode. so we went to walgreens because diana (i think that’s her name) wanted redbull. so THEN we have to make our way to warped tour because we’re running out of time (mind you, this was all in like a 2 hour period not even). so diana says that we can take 94, but she doesn’t know which way. she said she thinks it’s the second one. alright fine. so we take the second one and i call my mom to see if it’s the right way because she’s the queen of directions. she doesn’t know. fail. so i punch it into my gps and it says we’re going the right way. we all cheer. finally something on this trip is going right. well… sorta. this route is taking us through the city. fml. there’s tons of traffic and i am FUMING. it doesn’t help that one certain person in the back seat does not stop blathering for one millisecond. i was about to kill someone. so we FINALLY GET TO WARPED TOUR. 11:10 am. 10 minutes late, 30 minutes after i would have liked to have gotten there, and met up with my cousin kev. we missed the cab, one of the bands i was excited about. whatever. so we make our lineup and go on our way. we saw a few people we knew (gag) and watched bands that i only knew one song from. whatever. set your goals was really good. mike posner was annoying. he talked more than he sang. chip tha ripper (my favorite rapper EVER) was there with him but he only rapped like… 3 words. lame. i was not happy. the weather was weird. it kept going from hot to cold all day so one minute i’d put on my hoodie and the next i’d be sweating. the best part of the day was four year strong, who were amazing. the only bad thing was that i’m too short to see over anyone so we had to stand way far away. whatever. i got merch (the best part) and cd’s and stickers and someone put a huge stamp with a band name on my arm which i’m still trying to get off. so my merch. i got an fys tanktop, a tanktop that says “what happened to my life” and it’s blue with black writing. super cute and sooo soft. and then i got another black tank top with gold writing that says “stay brutal” in HELVETICA (<3!!!) and i got an fys cd and some stickers (fo free!) and some plastic wayfarers with pink sides that say “get loud” that are soo cute. and i think that’s it. most of my money went to food ($15 for a mini pizza and 2 bottles of water… ridic!). so after fys, we got in the car and went to applebee’s which is FUCKING AMAZING. no joke, it’s so good. we got an appetizer platter thing with mozzarella sticks (for kev), wonton tacos (a fried wonton with asian style chicken and asian slaw inside, so good) and spinach & artichoke dip. and then i got the oriental chicken salad which is one of my very favorite foods and i’m super disappointed because there’s no applebee’s close to us. so then i drove home, changed and drove alexa home, went home and CRASHED. i was so tired. long, exhausting day.
sunday was the best day of the weekend. i woke up around 8, went to breakfast with sis again, ran errands (target, walmart to get shit for sis’ apartment) and then i went home and got readdddyyy and paully came and got me around 2:30. we went to ikea for dorm stuff and i ended up getting a REALLY CUTE heart rug and 2 sets of plastic plates and cups from the kid’s section so they’re super small which is okay because it’s not like i eat much anyway. and thennnn we went to chili’s for dinner and thennn chilled at home and thennnnnnn saw dinner for schmucks which was HILARIOUS. i love steve carrell.
and now today is monday. and i’m in a fantastic mood and currently making a list of all the shit i need to move into my dorm, lame. but monday also means mbb survey!
1. Mood: very good.
2. Do you have anything other than keys on your keychain? yes, i have a hooters lanyard, a flash drive, a fob to get into village hall, a fob to get into the expo, a mobil speedpass, a keychain that says “future trophy wife” and membership cards to blockbuster, blick, dominick’s, petsmart and petco.
3. If you could take today off and do whatever you wanted to, what would you do? shop for dorm things, take a nap, read a book, clean out my closet.
4. Are you wearing any jewelry right now? yes. my two tiffany rings, 6 friendship bracelets, and my diamond studs in my ears.
5. What’s one thing you recently realized about yourself? if i work out and eat healthy, i feel better. common sense, but i wasn’t doing it before and felt like shit. now i love working out and eating healthy makes me feel lighter.
6. Do you have a website or blog? If you do, please share its name with me, the address and what topics it covers. this is my blog. i don’t have a website other than my twitter. and facebook. chances are, one of those is where you got the link to this blog so there’s no use in posting links.
7. Do you ever wear sunglasses? every time i go outside.
8. Shower in the morning or at night? in the morning and then i take a body shower after i work out in the evening.
9. Three things you couldn’t (or wouldn’t want to) live without? things: toothbrush/toothpaste (they both count as one), diorshow mascara, my kindle. people: paul, lys, dad/ty (they count as one too).
10. Weekly goals: buy an external hard drive, see paul again, start my closet cleanout, work out everyday, go to the doc for my breathing thing, eat healthy, finish my book, get (some) dorm shopping done.

blah okay well i’m gonna go back to making my dorm shopping list. i’ll post again soon.

<3 a.

fat lip.

if you don’t get the reference in the title, you will.

this week is finally almost over. i don’t know what’s gotten into me, all of a sudden, i just want the weeks to end the second they begin. i’m sick of work day in and day out, it’s like the same day repeated. my workout regimen has been going very well. my diet has too, still no coke and i’ve been eating out SPARINGLY. and even then, i try to get the healthiest thing i can find without sacrificing deliciousness. i don’t even look forward to the weekends anymore! the best thing about them is sleeping in. last weekend was phenomenal but now everything is just blah. the next weekend i’m excited for is lollapalooza. that can’t come soon enough. this weekend is warped tour.

ohhh warped tour. i’ve been going since i was a freshman in high school, when i made the horrible mistake of wearing a hollister jean skirt, an embellished abercrombie top and flip flops with straightened hair and full makeup. little did i know that this was one of the worst outfits i could have possibly chosen. not only was i uncomfortable, but i looked like a complete fucking idiot. it was insane. i went with this guy john and this girl kathryn and we ended up having a good time overall, but i learned my lesson never to dress like that again. even if i wasn’t a punk rocker i had to at least pretend like i had it in me at least a little. i listened to all the music, i loved all the bands, the biggest difference was that i wore abercrombie instead of hot topic, basically outcasting myself from this group of outcasts. whatever, it’s not like i’ve ever really cared anyway. it’s just awkward to be looked at like YOU’RE the crazy one by a guy dressed in threadbare black ripped jeans pinned together with a million safety pins, a red fishnet shirt with a lime green mohawk, wearing huge platform combat boots and more eyeliner than i’d use in a lifetime. and that’s one of the tamer outfits. if anything, warped is PHENOMENAL people watching.
bottom line: as much as i LOVE the music, i just don’t fit in. which i’m okay with. i don’t go there to fit in or make friends. fuck friends, i’m good with my little crew of 4. dinah/lys/paul/lex. they’re all i need <3
i’m straying further and further away from the topic of warped.
my little brother is into warped now. i’m happy to say i’m bringing him to his first warped this year. he’s going to love it. this is the beginning of a beautiful thing for him. him and his friends are stoked and i’m glad to be the one to take him. he makes me so proud.
alexa and i are going together (along with tyler and his friends) and it’s alexa’s first warped too. i don’t know how she’s going to like it, i’ll be very interested to see what she thinks of it/if she can handle it.
every year there are less and less bands that i want to see. it’s going downhill which is depressing because it used to be my favorite day of the summer. this year it’s just going to be mediocre. here’s who i’m going to see:
attack attack, every time i die, four year strong, i can make a mess like nobody’s business, mayday parade, mike posner, nevershoutnever, set your goals, sum 41 (blast from the past/see what i did with the title!?!?), the cab, the pretty reckless (just to see little j in person) and we the kings.
i feel like last year was so much better. ’06 was definitely the best. i STILL listen to that compilation cd and i still love it. i’m really excited for FYS considering this time i’ll actually know the songs as opposed to the show i went to in decemberish where i literally knew nothing. and i was in the front. i just stood and smiled and bobbed my head like a fucking idiot. i’m also excited for nevershoutnever because last year we left before he came on. sarah and i were too tired to stay until 8.
warped is always a long fucking day. one of the LONGEST (that’s what she said). the first band plays at 11 and the last couple are usually 8-830. and you’re on your feet ALL DAY with NO exceptions, you’re walking/running from stage to stage, you’re looking at merch, you’re pushing through sweaty bodies, it’s fucking hot outside. it’s craziness. but it’s fun. not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure.
my first year i met cartel. cartel was my FAVORITE BAND at that time and i was obsessed with the singer, will pugh. meeting them was one of the top 10 best days of my life, definitely. it’s up there with the time i saw pharrell on rodeo drive. if i haven’t told that story, i will. it’s a good one. i tell it to basically everyone i meet. always. my friends have heard it a million times and could probably recite it themselves if asked.
i’m really excited for the merch. they always have really sweet shit and it’s always SUPER cheap. like $5 for a shirt when at a show they’d normally be like $35-40 which is absolutely insane. especially when you’re me and you cut them up anyway to wear off-the-shoulder (A TREND WHICH I’M CONVINCED I STARTED, BTW!). some of these bands put a lot of effort into their shirts. and not only do they have shirts, they have jewelry, shorts, pants, hoodies, cd’s, stickers (which i love), pins, tanktops, water bottles, basically EVERYTHING you can imagine. AND there’s a trojan condom tent where they hand out free shit with the trojan symbol on it and free condoms by the handful. they usually give 1-2 to each passerby and the second year i went, the bitch handed me at least 6. i looked at her and said (no joke), “do i look like a slut to you?” she shrugged, smiled, and said, “be safe!” i just laughed and didn’t take it too seriously. i WAS with my ex bestie who was a walking cesspool. it makes me shudder just thinking about how disease-ridden she is. ew. MOVING ON. so the merch.
last year i got a really fucking sweet mesh tanktop that says “hooliguns” across the boobs. it’s golden yellow with maroon piping around the neck and armholes and the writing is maroon. it’s kind of depressing because i still haven’t really had a chance to wear it. that and it’s a little small in the chest area. and i don’t know what to wear underneath it considering i wouldn’t be caught dead in just a mesh tank. i guess it’ll come in handy if i’m ever in a basketball game. i’ll have to get matching tube socks and shorts. oh and sweatbands. hm. potential halloween costume? we’ll have to seeeeeeee.

askdjfhlkasjdhkfjhsd i’m rambling. it’s because i really don’t want to enter this shitty boring data that’s going to take me  million years. and guess what! (what?) I ONLY HAVE 6 DAYS OF WORK LEFT! WOOOOHOOOOOOOO!
i think it’s safe to say that i never want to work in an office like this again. this is the exact reason i chose my career path (fashion marketing/event planning/PR). i don’t have to sit and enter shit from lists into a computer program over and over again. i wanna plan shit and network and make connections and plan these huge fucking events in the fashion world and actually make a name for myself. here, they don’t even notice when i’m on lunch. when i come back they constantly ask if i’m gonna take it soon. i’m like, “uhm, already did.” I’VE BEEN GONE FOR AN HOUR AND 10 MINUTES AND YOU HAVEN’T EVEN NOTICED!?!?! it’s nice because then i get a nice long lunch because no one even knows i’m here usually. i was sick one day and i was going over my schedule with my boss for payroll and i was like, “yeah and i wasn’t here on friday…” boss: “you weren’t here on friday?”
me: “………no.”
*shakes head*
shhhhwaaaattteeevvvvaaaaaa. it’s not like i care.

the fucking tigers keep losing, i’m pissed. and my whole family is going there on lolla weekend WITHOUT ME. they wouldn’t change the weekend and i wouldn’t miss lolla. it’s a big sacrifice. i miss detroit. i was just telling someone the other day, can’t remember who, that i would totally live there if my dad would let me.
i know what you’re thinking, “what the fuck? this bitch is from chicago, why would she leave that wonderous place for a shithole like the motor city? and why the fuck is she a detroit tiger fan?”
my dad grew up in detroit. from the time he was 8, up until he was 16, my gram, papa & their 6 kids (my dad included, obv.) all lived in the pick-fort shelby on lafayette in the heart of downtown detroit. my papa would take over hotels and get them successful and then move on to the next one. they stayed at the shelby longest. and because it was right when my dad was starting to get into baseball, he became a detroit tiger fan. my papa had season tickets to tiger stadium (which is now being torn down, so so sad) and he and my dad would go to every game they could. ever since then, my dad’s been a die-hard and that’s just how i was raised. i’ve been going to baseball games in detroit since i was little, cheering for them for as long as i can remember, and wearing tiger gear since i was born. my dad’s love for baseball definitely transferred onto me. my dad and i go to tigerfest every year in the winter and i meet the players and listen to jim leyland talk. i was even a fan when they lost more games than they won. i was there in ’06 at the game where magglio hit the three-run walk-off home run to win the game. that was also one of the best nights of my life. i cried. it was amazing. i love going to games there because the fans are all so excited. and it’s nice to be around people cheering for the same team as you. in chicago, you get mad shit for being a tiger fan at US Cellular Field. it sucks. white sox fans are such assholes. so anyway. and i love the city altogether. i’m fascinated with the abandoned buildings. they’re beautiful. the architecture is unlike anywhere else. it’s all so old and ornate and beautiful, but sad because it hasn’t been taken care of. i know the city is dangerous, but there’s a certain ambiance about it. for me, anyway. i love it. i think it’s beautiful. 99% of people (even people who live there) would likely disagree, but it doesn’t matter to me. i love it and so does my dad.
after my papa left the shelby, it soon closed and remained closed and abandoned and beaten-down until just recently it was turned into a double tree. my grandma was supposed to cut the ribbon at the grand opening in honor of my papa, but she said it would be too hard for her without him here (he passed away when i was in 4th grade). but then, a year after the opening, this past february, my dad and i went to tigerfest and we brought my grandma along with and she stayed at the shelby with us. it wasn’t as hard for her as she thought. she was just happy that it isn’t shitty anymore. it’s still a gorgeous building. they used to live on the 20th floor, they had half of it to themselves, and now it’s condos. i’m trying to get my dad to buy me one of the condos to live for the summer so i can get tiger season tickets and spend it there. but he won’t have it, it’s not safe.
so since that isn’t a reality, my dad and i go to as many games in detroit as we can every summer and we usually try to make opening day. before every game, we go to American Coney Island for breakfast and eat coney dogs. they’re to die for. for those who don’t know, a coney dog is a hot dog on a bun with chili, mustard & onions. this is the only place in the world i’ll eat a hot dog from, i usually hate them. it’s always the same few guys working there, and the coney dogs still taste the same as they did when my dad was 8 (according to him). they’re fantastic. the place is open 24/7/365, christmas day and all. they’ve only closed once or twice in the past 40 or so years. it’s insane. there’s also this little place right outside of detroit, in dearborn, called carter’s. they have the best little burgers in the world. i usually don’t eat burgers either, except from carter’s. they’re skinny and greasy and come with pickle and onion. putting ketchup on it would be a SIN. that’s another place that hasn’t changed a bit, and it shows. it’s this little corner place that’s kind of a hole-in-the-wall, but super charming. my gran used to take my dad there every morning before school for breakfast because he started later than the rest of the kids. it’s amazing. i love it.
this year it just so happened that tigerfest and the legendary detroit auto show at cobo hall, which was fucking awesome. so not only did i go to tigerfest and have a fucking fantastic time, i got to go to the DETROIT AUTO SHOW. i love cars. i get car magazines, i read about them online, i watch topgear which you already know. i’m obsessed. it was amazing. my dad runs the rosemont convention center so i’ve been to my fair share of conventions to know that this one was over the top. they made a ceiling so that you didn’t have to see the ugly lights and wires hanging from the warehouse-looking cieling. all of the floors had padded carpets. the displays were insane. i’d never seen anything like it. it was really cool and a really unique experience. i’m hoping they’re on the same weekend next year too. one of the best weekends ever.

okay well now that i’ve gotten over my detroit obsession explaination, i’m going to go look at and live vicariously through the urban explorers. i would do anything to go through abandoned buildings.
another obsession explaination for another time.

sorry that was like the longest post ever. once i get started on detroit, i can’t stop.

<3 a.

yo yo whaddup.

hey bro, whatsup. you got it like that? you got it like wha-at? this like that like this this and uh…
i listened to cool kids all morning.

hello, wordpressers. it’s monday. and it’s paul’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE  <3 even though i’ve told you a million times already!) and i had a phenomenal weekend. and i’ve had a good morning. and life is really fucking good. i’m so happy.

for starters, i saw paul 5 days in a row. that hasn’t happened since viator and it sure was wonderful. thursday/friday i hung out with alexa all day (and lys a little too!) and we had a blast. and then saturday deserves its own paragraph…

i spent almost the entire day relaxing (aside from working out in the morning) and taking my time getting ready and then paul came around 3:30 to pick me up. we drove to lake geneva and took a little detour to his condo complex because we had a ton of time and then we went to alpine. we parked and laughed at the drunken tailgaters and the people in front of us because the boyfriend was making the girlfriend cook the hot dogs in a disposable hotel pan and they didn’t have tongs so she was using a tortilla chip to move the hot dogs around and it was just funny to watch. and then i got complimented on my dress, which was especially exciting because paul argued with me the whole way there, giving me shit for wearing a dress in the first place AND for the dress i was wearing (which is SUPER FUCKING CUTE, btw). so i won that fight. ha! so then we went and put our blanket down on the lawn and settled in and watched ALO and G. Love (who we both thought was “glove” because the font on his backdrop was hard to read) and then jack came on. and he was absolutely incredible. there were 5ish older drunk people in front of us that made for hilarious entertainment throughout the entire concert. there were two couples. one of them you could tell were official and had been dating for awhile and then the other you could tell was just the guy trying to get with the girl. it was hilarious. he was making passes at her and she continually shut him down and the whole charade ended in her calling him an asshole and him storming off and disappearing. and then there was jesus. i swear, jesus was at jack johnson and he was definitely on something. he was dancing like a maniac. and there was a kid sitting behind us but more over to the left (thankgod) puking all over the place. he puked twice and then passed out and literally stayed asleep for the entire concert. and on top of that, jack johnson is absolutely adorable. you can tell that he’s shy. he probably only looked up into the crowd once or twice and he kept missing chords and rearranging verses. he was reading a girl’s sign and it said, “hi jack. i’m ally and i’m your number one fan.” and he got all flustered and red. so cute. and then he gave a girl one of his guitar picks because her sign said that it was her birthday. and he gave a little kid on his dad’s shoulders his son’s headphones because he was right by the speaker and he didn’t want his ears to get hurt (awww) and he was talking about the smoke wafting up to the stage and his “pretty strong contact high” which was hilar. I’M JUST OBSESSED WITH HIM I GUESS. his voice and band and music and everything sound the exact same live as they do recorded. which is amazing. i’ve been to a LOT of concerts and it’s rare that they sound as good live as they do recorded. even paul was impressed and he doesn’t usually like live music. not only was the music good, but the weather was PERFECT. at first it looked like rain while ALO was playing and literally 10 little teeny raindrops fell and then the clouds blew over and it was done. the humidity was gone, the temperature was perfect (i’d say about 80ish) and it was seriously the most perfect summer night. paul + me + jack johnson + warm weather = perfection. it was most definitely the best night this summer. any other night will have BIG shoes to fill. nothing can top paul and jack johnson at the same time. that’s the ultimate.

guess what! (what?) i still haven’t had any coke or soda of any sort! yaaaaayyyyy me! sweet tea, kool-aid and water have been my bffs. the eating part of my diet hasn’t been going AS well because it’s really hard to eat healthy when i’m usually with alyssa and alexa and they aren’t the best food influences in the world. but i’ve been counteracting the bad food with intense workouts which i’ve been keeping up with. i even went on saturday morning because i didn’t get the chance to go on thursday or friday because alexa was over. i was proud of myself. i’ve been doing a good job and i feel better too. it’ll be easier to eat healthy when i live at columbia and i just won’t buy junk food. and i won’t buy a lot of food. and i won’t go out to eat often. and i’ll work out. yeah it’ll just be easier.

speaking of columbia. i’m nervous. but excited. moving away from my dad, tyler and dinah is going to be really hard. and living with roommates is going to be a challenge too. i meet two of them, elly and laura, tomorrow. i’m excited.

la la la. I’M GOING TO CALIFORNIA! september 1-3. my aunt is going to a conference and my grandma wants to see my papa’s brother. so while we’re there, my gram and uncle are going to sit in a cafe on rodeo while i shop my little heart out. i’m quite the ball of excitement. i can’t wait. it’s going to be a quick trip, but amazing nonetheless. and hopefully i’ll get the in-n-out burger i’ve been craving for ages. i usually don’t like burgers but that shit is amazing. looooove it.

i need to buy stuff for my dorm. and i need to decide what clothes to bring which is going to be HARD. i have a lot of clothes. and i’m not exaggerating. it’s ridiculous. like a week ish before move-in i’m gonna start packing up and cleaning out my closet. my cousin annie has been on me to give her my old clothes for months. she’s my size and she’s like… 5 years younger than me. oh and she’s taller. which is sad. even my 10-year-old cousin emma is catching up to me. at least i have baby ella who’ll probably be my size. she’s petite like i was at her age. i was over at my cousin jessica’s house yesterday for little harry’s 3rd birthday and i spend the entire time hiding my ankle tattoo from my aunt mary and holding baby ella’s hands to help her walk around. she’s adorable and giggly and she has these huuuuuge blue eyes. she’s almost one, it’s crazy. love love love her.

well because it’s monday, here’s the weekly survey.

1. Mood: good! i’m in a really good mood actually. i had an amazing weekend (as you read) and today is paul’s birthday and he’s finally the same age as me and i’m having a good hair and makeup day. and i’m looking forward to this week. plus it’s PERFECT out!
2. Finish this sentence: Without makeup I would… look like shit all the time.
3. What are some staple pieces in your wardrobe? jeans, little black dresses, black heels and cardigans. and it would be a crime not to mention white american apparel v-necks and jean shorts (my summer wardrobe).
4. Three things you’d (probably) never guess about me:
1. i know literally every word to every song on my itunes. and if i don’t know it, i can listen to it twice and know it by heart.
2. i tested into all honors-plus classes in high school and did really well on my ACT. i’m one smart cookie. i ended up taking regular classes, though, because i didn’t want homework to ruin my life. it ended up being the right thing for me to do.
3. i make art. i draw, i paint, i chalk, i sculpt. i’m not very outward with my artistic abilities, but i love doing it. it’s my release from everything. i won’t show anyone unless i’m in art class because i’m shy, but i do have a lot of artwork.
5. What would you like to get done today? my work. and i’d like to work out, go see sis’s apartment and then go to paul’s to drop off his check. it’s his birthday (as you know) so i’d really, really like to see him.
6. What were your favorite TV shows when you were a kid? rugrats, anything on disney channel, spongebob (still one of my favorites), LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE!, double dare 2000, johnny bravo.
7. Can you skateboard? oh god no.
8. I really want… to go to door county with paul before summer ends.
9. Do you like horror movies? i LOVE them. i’m really looking forward to saw 7 coming out around halloween.
10. Weekly goals: finish this project at work, start going through my closet, work out every day, tan every day (there’s a bed in the gym), have a movie night with paully, bake the martha stewart cake that jess made yesterday for harry’s birthday.

la de dum de da da dooooooo.
i’m really bored.
and since one of the goals is to get my work done, i should hop to it.

<3 a.

why can’t it be saturday?

so i scrapped my post from monday because it was just a really bad day for me. the night before was a hot mess and then monday morning when i got to work i had a nervous breakdown and that post was to try to keep my sanity. it didn’t work. i ended up taking my lunch an hour early so that i could go home and chill the fuck out. so let’s give it another go.

1. Mood: amazing. a little tired because i was out way past my bedtime but it was super worth it. paul and i went to L. Woods for dinner, chilled at my house and then went to see inception which was super long and confusing but also really good. it was basically the best night ever.
2. Your makeup style in three words: barely wear any.
3. If you were to move to a big city, which city would it be? i am moving to downtown chicago on august 30. i would also live in new york or LA but only for a couple years each.
4. Do you have a personal motto? keep calm and carry on.
5. What’s your dream job? marketing and PR for all of the big fashion companies, specifically Chanel, Dior and Marc Jacobs. i would run their ad campaigns, put on fashion shows and events.
6. Your favorite part of your job? none of it. it’s really boring. there’s never anything for me to do.
7. What’s the first makeup or beauty tip that comes to mind? less is more. and simplicity is the best policy.
8. What’s the first non-beauty tip that comes to mind? chill the fuck out. <- keeping that.
9. What are you wearing? sam edelman arlie toe ring sandals, rewash bleach spotted jeans and a white hanes vneck. my hair is down and wavy, i’m wearing foundation bronzer and mascara and i’m also wearing my glasses (!) along with my everyday jewelry.
10. Weekly goals: to work out every day, stick to my diet plan, finish my playlist making project, and have a good week altogether.

tada! much better. so this weekend was nothing special. alexa was in arizona, alyssa had softball, marissa was camping and paul was in buffalo so i literally didn’t have any friends home. which was fine on friday night but saturday was just boring as fuck. i literally drove myself crazy. i was in a horrible mood and i literally sat at home and did nothing. which isn’t good for me. i go nuts when i sit at home and do nothing. but then sunday during the day i went to my mom’s and then i went home and made myself presentable and then i went to my grandma’s and hung out with my family and thennnnn we all went to buca di beppo for my gram’s birthday dinner. she’s 84. i love her so much, she’s the most wonderful lady i know. our (almost) entire family was there and there were babies and little kids and it was just wonderful. i loved it. my baby cousin gavin was attached to my hip practically all night, he’s probably the only one in the family who looks even remotely like me and he’s a baby. we both have the same big, blue eyes.

i only have 12 days of work left. i’m so excited to be done. i feel like i’ve wasted my summer in this stupid office. while i’m making money, it’s almost not worth it. i feel like i’ve missed out on a lot. next summer i’m not gonna work. i’m also gonna be living in the city by that time so maybe i’ll get a little retail job or something. ya never know. much more to do there.

so last night paul and i went to l. woods for dinner. it was highly entertaining. we’re very funny together. we’re complete opposites so we play off of each other and we go back and forth making comments. it’s very funny to watch, everyone who spends time with us together agrees. especially in public. l. woods was no exception. we were laughing the entire time. and then we went back to my house because we had an hour before the movie and just chilled out. and then we saw inception. it was good. very long and SUPER confusing but good. it was a 9:25 pm show and we didn’t get out until 12:03 am, which is an hour and a half after we both usually go to bed. so we were exhausted. and i worked out before we went out so i was extra tired. then we drove to paul’s (paul drives my car everywhere we go. he hates my driving) to drop him off because he’s getting his front bumper fixed so he didn’t have my car and i didn’t end up getting home and in bed until 1:07 am. ugh. so this morning when i woke up at 8, i was NOT happy about it. but that’s okay. last night was soo worth it. we had so much fun <3 and on saturday we’re going to JACK JOHNSONNNNN! which we’re both really really really really excited about. i’m really happy.

my diet has been going well. i haven’t had a drop of coke which is killing me i’m REALLY proud of. i didn’t think i could do it. at l.woods i had raspberry lemonade (hand squeezed!) and it was deeeeelish. at home i drink kool aid now which i love even though it turns my mouth red (i don’t believe in eating or drinking things that turn my mouth unnatural colors, it grosses me out). and i’ve been drinking water, which i don’t usually do. sweet tea has also been a lifesaver. last night at the restaurant i got roast chicken which couldn’t have been that bad. plus it was a “special occasion” because paul and i don’t get out much. today is national junk food day, which is really depressing. and my dad and his bff geri are taking me out to lunch at zalute, the place with the BEST toasted ravioli with vodka sauce on this planet so i think i’m gonna indulge a little. the most i’ve strayed from my diet have been the 4 chocolate covered peanuts i ate with lunch yesterday. so i’m going to have my ravioli and eat it too. i’ll just work out extra hard today after work. OH YEAH! i’ve worked out every day (which is only 2 days in a row but that’s even monumental for me)!!!! which is really good. i’ve been walking for 40 minutes on a 10 incline and then jogging a couple times around the track and doing crunches like crazy and the machine where you hold yourself up with your arms/back and lift your legs so it’s working the bottom of your abs. i don’t know what it’s called but it’s really hard so i can’t do that many but i’m getting better. and then i stretch, go home and shower and call it a day! it’s wonderful. i feel better already. and i feel better because i haven’t been drinking 23898 cans of coke a day. woo!

so yeah! that’s been my week so far. tomorrow alexa rose is coming over after i work out and we’re going to bake and go on an adventure and then we were supposed to go to a BMX thing at soldier field on friday so i took the day off work but it turns out it’s on saturday instead and now neither of us can go but i still have friday off so we’re gonna go to the city and have an adventure we think but we aren’t entirely sure of our plans yet. depends on the weather and plus last time our city adventure kinda failed. oops. shwatev we’re never bored when we’re together.

well i hope you’re all having a wonderful week! i am.

<3 a.

diet shmiet.

so starting today i’m on a diet. and i’m gonna try to start working out but there are certain people who work at my gym who i’d rather not see, which is why i haven’t gone in like 2 months. oops. i kinda just have to get over it and ignore them. i’m starting to feel the effects and i’m grossing myself out. i’m not fat by any means, i’m just losing my tone. which sucks. and i wanna lose a couple pounds just because who doesn’t? what kind of a diet, you ask? i made a list of things i can’t eat/drink.
1. i can’t drink coke, my one and only vice. or any other soda. i have to send paul a picture of everything i drink so that he can make sure it isn’t soda. and if i last a month (which he doesn’t think i will) i get a surprise. woo!
2. fast food, which i don’t eat much of ever, anyway. won’t really matter.
3. chinese takeout. which might kill me because it’s mah fave.
4. toasted ravioli and vodka sauce. my FAVORITE FOOD. this makes me want to cry.
5. red meat. which i also don’t eat a lot of anyway.
6. pasta/bread/most carbs. i always said i’d never give up carbs because pasta is almost my only means of nourishment, but i think it’s a good idea just to try it out.
7. going out to eat in general. (special occasions don’t count… birthdays, celebrations, etc.)
8. absolutely no sweets. no candy, no baked goods which is going to suck because i bake all the time… i guess i’ll just have to give it all to paul, no mini starbucks donuts in the mornings…ugh!
9. no starbucks. it counts as fast food. fml.

so that’s basically it. this is probably going to kill me especially with the no takeout, no pasta and no COKE! but i think i can do it. i’m determined to gain my in-shape status back. plus i’ll feel better and maybe i’ll stop getting sick. i don’t know how it would help, but it sounds like it could possibly make sense. i’ll do anything to make me stop getting sick every other day. it’s getting a little old. i am, however, allowing myself one day a week to choose ONE thing from the list THAT ISN’T COKE. no coke at all ever anymore. so one day a week i can go out to eat, make pasta, etc. and i’m dramatically cutting my portions down even though i already don’t eat a lot to begin with. i’m interested to see how this goes. i thought about doing a food diary and counting calories but i never follow through with that. i used to do that, i don’t want to anymore. it reminds me of bad times. so i’m not going to. plus, i’ve never really understood how to count calories in something you make/at a restaurant/in something that isn’t packaged. i guess when you make something you look at all the packages and add it together. i failed math. not happening.

lalala. i got my hair done yesterday. when alyssa and i dyed it, it turned out a darker chocolate brown at first and then it faded to a really pretty strawberry light brown. i loved it. but it was super uneven (i love her but lys is no frederick fekkai). so i went to heidi, my longtime colorist and she evened it out and added a little more reddish and toned it so that it looks natural. i love it. it’s perfect. and it matches my eyebrows (which have always been darker than my naturally playboy-bunny-blonde hair) so i’m happy. and it’s light enough that i can go longer between touchups because my bleach blonde roots won’t be as noticeable. which will be nice considering when i live in the city it’s not going to be a huge piece of cake to just run over to asha for a touchup. it’s going to be an event of sorts. taking the train home, picking up my car, driving out there… it sounds simple when i write it out like that but it’s going to be one of those things that i dread. but i think i’ll be going home regularly so i’m not worried.

1. Mood: not great. tired. a little bitchy. but glad it’s the weekend so i can sleep in tomorrow.
2. Best hairstyle you’ve ever had? my long, dark, gorgeous hair that i had last winter. it’s growing back now, so i don’t really mind. i’ll be there in no time. it won’t be as dark, but that’s okay, i LOVE it this color. maybe i’ll be back dark one day, i change my mind more than i change clothes. and i LOVED my dark. it’ll be back.
3. Worst hairstyle you’ve ever had? when i was in junior high i used to put my (gorgeous naturally blonde and wavy!) hair back into a slick-back ponytail/bun hybrid where i wouldn’t pull the ponytail all the way through, thus creating this ugly bun-looking thing. uck! looking back now i don’t know what the fuck i was thinking. it’s a tie between that and my chin-short hair in 3rd grade that made me look fat.
4. Favorite pizza toppings? depends on my mood. i like veggie garbage pizza with everything but mushrooms and i also like just plain cheese. depends on what i’m feelin’. i don’t like pepperoni on pizza, but i pick it off of lyssa’s and eat it usually. but not often. too greasy. 
5. Highest heel you can wear without toppling over? pretty damn high. i have never met a heel i couldn’t conquer gracefully. i can run in heels better than i can in nikes. thank you, barbizon, i can now do ANYTHING in runway conditions.
6. Favorite CDs/records from you teen years? i’m still a teen, so i’m gonna go with my pre-teen years. and i don’t really remember the names of the CDs so i’m just gonna say bands. *NSYNC, Dream, Hanson, Christina Aguilera, Christina Milian, Brittany Spears (while she was dating Justin).
7. If we met at a bar for drinks, what would you order? if i was 21, i’d probably order either a glass of wine or a malibu and pineapple juice (or orange juice if there wasn’t pineapple). or a cosmo. yum! if we’re talking right now, just a water because I CAN’T DRINK COKE even though bar coke is THE BEST. /sad.
8. One of your favorite pieces of jewelry and why you love it? the diamond heart ring that i wear on my right hand. it was my first real diamonds and my daddy gave it to me for high school graduation and it’s super dainty. i also love the other heart ring that i wear on my left hand because paul gave it to me for our two-year and i never take it off. i love it. it’s adorable and symbolic. and i sound lame. ask me if i care, the answer will be no.
9. Outfit: sam edelman chunky jeweled gladiator sandals (not the toe-ring ones i always talk about), american eagle skinny jeans rolled into capris, an american apparel purple acid wash vneck (not as horrifying as it sounds) and then my normal jewelry. hair is down, bangs pinned back, just foundation, bronzer and mascara on mah face.
10. Your weekly goals: to be consistent with my diet, not drink any coke, clean my room, i still haven’t painted my nails…

i think that about wraps it up for this entry. i have no plans for the weekend because i have friends. paul is in buffalo and alexa is in arizona and alyssa has softball. so it looks like i’ll be laying in the sun/watching topgear/reading my kindle/laying in bed all weekend. except i do have a family party that i’m quite excited for on sunday. my whole family is coming in for my grandma’s birthday at buca di beppo. but that’s my only plan for this weekend. i’m so cool i can’t even stand it. i’ll keep you posted on how this diet thing goes. wish me luck…

<3 a.


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