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well hello there.

yeah i know, i couldn’t think of a better title. lame.
it’s monday. my weekend was low-key.
friday i don’t think i did anything… couldn’t really tell you.
saturday i went to my mom’s to lay out with marissa and kelllaaayy, my lolla bff. and then marissa and i had a very successful walk around town and got our gossip on.
yesterday i went back to my mom’s and got my tan on in the pool. i seriously got really tan. i never get tan, this is basically revolutionary. i didn’t even wear sunscreen and i didn’t get burned AT ALL!
and then last night i watched next food network star which i’m obsessed with and drew pretty pictures to cover my notebooks with. w00t. paul got voted off nfns. which was good because i hated him. he was a creep and a sleaze. ew. i was very scared that brad was going to get voted off and if that was the case, i would be wearing all black in mourning. but i’m not. hooray!
but here’s another survey because as you know i love these little things.
1. Mood: blase. it’s monday. and i’m anxious for no real reason. it’s weird out. i’m not having a very good hair day. and i think i have a cavity because my tooth hurts. i’ve never had a cavity so i’m not entirely sure. but i’m liking the weird weather and i’m going to lunch with paul so i’m excited for that.
2. Do you like musical theater? yes, i do. i very much enjoyed wicked the 3 times i saw it in the chi and i LOVED chicago when i saw it in NYC. that was the best weekend (plus 2 days) ever. i could totally live in NYC for a little while (not forever) in an apartment with a doorman. i want a doorman so bad! not to mention an apartment in new yawwwkkkk. espec soho <3
3. What makes you sexy? i don’t see myself as sexy and i don’t try to be sexy and i’ve been told that’s what makes me sexy. i don’t get it, shwatev.
4. Which outfit makes you feel your best? i feel most comfortable in yoga pants and a degotee, i feel prettiest in a girly dress, flats and cardigan, and i feel most glamorous in a little black dress and sky-high peep-toe platforms with low-key eyes and crazy bright lips. usually red or pink.
5. Your all-time favorite lipstick? revlon matte red. classic.
6. Blow dry or air dry? air dry. i don’t know how to blow dry my hair without turning it into a huge knotty afro-like mess. plus my hair air dries into perfect beachy waves. i’m blessed.
7. Do you think men and women can be platonic friends? yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes a MILLION times yes. i have plenty of platonic male friends that i KNOW FOR A FACT neither of us have ANY interest in each other. people that think otherwise are imbiciles. it’s my pet peeve when people say men and women can’t be friends. BECAUSE THEY CAN.
8. What can you hear *right now*? my keyboard clicks. and the air conditioner.
9. Outfit: sam edelman toering sandals, my favorite seven for all mankind dojo jeans, white abercrombie tank under a wine-colored target tank and right now i’m wearing my kanye hoodie because i’m freezing and didn’t have anything cute and or fashionable in the car. my hair is in a ponytail, bangs pinned back. i’m only wearing foundation bronzer and mascara. lazy day.
10. Your weekly goals: to see paul aside from lunch today before he leaves, complete my heart romper outfit (because i bought the thing having no idea of what shoes/accessories to wear with it…typical), pick out outfits for the other lolla days (because even though it’s almost a month away i have no life and i’m SO EFFING EXCITED and have nothing better to do), buy my warped ticket, make a list of reasons why paul should come to lolla with me because he needs some SUPER convincing, repaint my nails (today’s goal) because they look ATROCIOUS (sp?), finish the auxiliary part of this stupid project i’m doing at work, put together my useful binder because i’ve been without a 3-hole punch and i have a large stack of additions that need to be made, and last but not least my number one goal is to GO INSANE keep it together because paul’s going to be gone all week and so is alexa. so basically i have no friends. cool. and usually sitting in the house doing nothing is the death of me. guh.

hmm. nothing new has been going on. i had to go to a wake on thursday which was sad. paul was gone all weekend. i bought some new shit from forever 21… 3 skirts, a couple simple, cheap black dresses (can’t remember if it was 2 or 3). it was a success. uhmm. i’ve just been chillin, you know, livin’ life. i downloaded the major lazer mixtape with la roux and i was woefully disappointed. it’s not that good. i’ve been listening to a lot of old major lazer in reminiscence of lolla last year. i also learned via kelly that major lazer is diplo and switch and not a real guy. they have a frontman that does the shows, but the brains behind the operation are diplo and switch. i love diplo. he’s one of the billion artists i discovered at lolla last year.

speaking of lolla wanna know who i’m excited to see? what’s that? you don’t care? well that’s a coincidence because i don’t care whether or not you want to know. here’s mah list.
LADY GAGA, the strokes, phoenix, mgmt, hot chip, spoon, devo, slightly stoopid, grizzly bear, chromeo, wolfmother, yeasayer, matt&kim, the xx, edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes, temper trap, hockey, b.o.b., semi precious weapons, KASKADE, rusko, flosstradamus, chiddy bang, ana sia, team bayside high, vonnegutt, and lance herbstrong. not to mention everyone at perry’s, where i’ll be spending the majority of my time.
last year if there wasn’t anyone i wanted to see, i would just go chill and get my dance on at perry’s. it’s basically heaven on earth. it’s CONSTANTLY pulsing with dancing people and bass. even if i didn’t know who the person/people spinning were, i still loved every second of it. love love love love love times infinity. if i could spend everyday for the rest of my life anywhere, it would be the perry’s stage at lolla (right behind just anywhere with my boyfriend, obviously). i don’t think it would ever get old. i love it too much. and i think if my boyfriend was THERE IT WOULD MAKE THE EXPERIENCE EVEN BETTER. HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT…!!!!

but anyway. i have nothing going this week, hence my mundane list of goals for the week. i have a feeling it’ll be full of sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing/watching topgear/reading wedding websites/watching WE/reading my kindle which i’ve neglected over the past week due to lack of new books to read considering the wireless store didn’t work in door county, right along with AT&T’s STUPID PIECE OF SHIT CELL SERVICE. ugh. frustration.

so i’m basically stalling at work because i don’t want to go into the little teeny room where all of the file cabinets are, it makes me claustrophobic and i usually do that after lunch which paul is coming to take me to todayyyyyy! excitement. I’M SO ANTSY. and my dad got his credit card bill today so he’s gonna see how much i spent which wasn’t that much but still and i’m NERVOUS! ahhhhh! and i’m getting my hair done tomorrow so i have to ask for money and i feel bad but it needs to be done because i’ve already cancelled and rescheduled like 3-4 times and i’m sure asha is getting annoyed with me. wow that was a long sentence. run-on! gilly would be ashamed.

okay i’m going to do work because i still have a whole hour until lunch and i can only sit at my desk pretending to work for so long before one of my bosses asks what i’m doing.

pray for my sanity. i’ll blog soon.

<3 a.

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